to all, who make this project possible,
to all, who carry me and the women in prayer,
to all, who support me financially,
to all, who give me the possibility to stand in the service, God has
called me to. That's a privilege: "There is no better place on earth then in the center of God's will."

When I came to Paraguay with my family in 2006, I could have never imagined to be a blessing for so many families in Paraguay - not even in my boldest dreams. To God be the glory!
Sylvia Hill

Monday, September 26, 2016

blankets for the flood victims in Paraguay

 Paraguay had  a big flood  a few months ago. The rising rivers forced  tens of thousands of Paraguayans to leave their houses. "El nino"! In the last weeks almost all the families could move back. Thanks to donations we were able to sew new blankets.

Our sewing lady Marguerita showed us how high the level of the rio Paraguay was. But after the families had left their houses the lootings started.

We invited the affected women to sew their own new blanket for their families and affected relatives and neighbours.

The women were/are coming every Friday afternoon.

They are very thankful and glad and can proudly present their blankets.

 This event is a big sucess for everyone who is supporting the sewing project. We couldn't do this without the supplies, without the skilled and trained teachers, without the sewing machines. Thank you. On the photo below our teacher Margerita (left) is showing the next step.

We distributed some blankets - see photos below: It was a little gift, but one recipient said. " It is a little gift that comes from a big heart!" 
The river is far away.

photo above: single mother in her hut.
 We felt as we were visiting some of the poorest of the country.

 The line in the wood indicates very well where the water level was.

 The family of an electrician. A lot of persons had to rescue their things and move into a shelter.They couldn't go to work and some lost their job - like this man..

 Photos below:
We visited a Refugio in Zeballos Cué. The families decided to move back when the school year will finish in December. So the kids don't have to move to another school during the school year.

In between the huts:

Thank you so much!!.