to all, who make this project possible,
to all, who carry me and the women in prayer,
to all, who support me financially,
to all, who give me the possibility to stand in the service, God has
called me to. That's a privilege: "There is no better place on earth then in the center of God's will."

When I came to Paraguay with my family in 2006, I could have never imagined to be a blessing for so many families in Paraguay - not even in my boldest dreams. To God be the glory!
Sylvia Hill

Saturday, July 28, 2012

newsletter April 2012

Dear friends,

Greetings from the autumn-like Paraguay. We are enjoying the cooler temperatures and you are in our thoughts. Thanks to your support the sewing project is progressing a lot. We like the project as well. It is a joy for us to tell you that your help reaches the women, giving them new hope and undreamt perspectives. Who would have thought three years ago that former participants would teach others?  That trendy presents like kitchen towels, potholders and aprons are used in German, Australian and US households. Isn’t it something special? 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Our partner in Australia: Christa Kaltenbrunn and her sister Heidi

January 2011:
We had a visit from Australia: Christa and her sister Heidi could spend one week with us.. (You can see her with Nelly, who is one of the participants of 2011.) And exactly in this week we could fetch the donated used sewing machines from a store in Asuncion. Theses sewing machines arrived after a long jouney via container .
Above: A newsletter article from Germany showing Christa within a car trasporting the used sewing machines in Asuncion/Paraguay and within a group of girls who participated in a summer sewing camp in 2011.

a fundraiser in Germany

Christa is helping the women in Paraguay a lot through fundraising parties in Australia and Germany and her promoting of the articles of our women. We are so glad for her big help and all the sponsors in Australia. Thank you. We are really international.

a fundraiser party in Australia

October newsletter 2011

Dear friends of the sewing project in Limpio,
We couldn’t do this work without you. Thank you so much for being part of our lives and the lives of these women.
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This year I started to train Alba(photo above) as a future teacher. She is a pastor’s wife and a participant of the first sewing class in 2009. She is assisting me in the morning classes, is responsible for our devotional time and is a very good co-teacher. To train 8 persons is indeed a challenge.   When you day without knowledge, are you referring to the students? and Alba is learning a lot as well. The German Fashion Magazine Burda is publishing an article about her life and the impact the sewing project had on her life. We will keep you informed.


Rejoice with us: we could receive a donation over 1000 Euros from EBV Elektronik . We will use the money for the production of the Fair Trade items of our advanced women. You can see a part of the team with the symbolic check on the photo. We are very glad about this development.


Two more women from my advanced group will teach next year as well: Patro and Lourdes: both are very engaged in youth work. We are very glad to have very gifted and talented women in our courses as well. We are paying them - our friend Christa from Australia held a fundraiser in her hometown Offenburg in the Black Forest area of Germany. She received donations for the salary of one assistant teacher. Isn’t this great! We need teachers in the future because …

We were asked by a co-worker of a Christian ministry if ye could teach HIV infected women from Limpio. A sewing class would be a wonderful program for them. And we know a ministry more in the north of Paraguay where we could give girls an option not to step into the same path as their mothers did - prostitution.
A German sewing center donated 15 used sewing machines to us. They are on their way to Paraguay with pianos, fabrics, glasses, children books dolls, guitars; Norbert’s family had a lot of work.
And more and more events take place and the products of our ladies find new customers.
Besides the fundraising event in the Black Forest, we had events in Munich and Erlangen. We would love to see an event in the US in the future.
… And look how the gifts of our ladies is growing:

The aprons in plain colors and...

in floral design:

It’s very encouraging for us to see how Mennonite travel agencies and friends are helping
Aren’t they very nice Christmas gifts? 
With trendy pot holders (you can reach into them):

Sylvia made as well new samples: table-cloths, table runners and placemats.

We are looking forward to hear from you again.
Sylvia and the ladies from Limpio