to all, who make this project possible,
to all, who carry me and the women in prayer,
to all, who support me financially,
to all, who give me the possibility to stand in the service, God has
called me to. That's a privilege: "There is no better place on earth then in the center of God's will."

When I came to Paraguay with my family in 2006, I could have never imagined to be a blessing for so many families in Paraguay - not even in my boldest dreams. To God be the glory!
Sylvia Hill

Monday, September 26, 2016

blankets for the flood victims in Paraguay

 Paraguay had  a big flood  a few months ago. The rising rivers forced  tens of thousands of Paraguayans to leave their houses. "El nino"! In the last weeks almost all the families could move back. Thanks to donations we were able to sew new blankets.

Our sewing lady Marguerita showed us how high the level of the rio Paraguay was. But after the families had left their houses the lootings started.

We invited the affected women to sew their own new blanket for their families and affected relatives and neighbours.

The women were/are coming every Friday afternoon.

They are very thankful and glad and can proudly present their blankets.

 This event is a big sucess for everyone who is supporting the sewing project. We couldn't do this without the supplies, without the skilled and trained teachers, without the sewing machines. Thank you. On the photo below our teacher Margerita (left) is showing the next step.

We distributed some blankets - see photos below: It was a little gift, but one recipient said. " It is a little gift that comes from a big heart!" 
The river is far away.

photo above: single mother in her hut.
 We felt as we were visiting some of the poorest of the country.

 The line in the wood indicates very well where the water level was.

 The family of an electrician. A lot of persons had to rescue their things and move into a shelter.They couldn't go to work and some lost their job - like this man..

 Photos below:
We visited a Refugio in Zeballos Cué. The families decided to move back when the school year will finish in December. So the kids don't have to move to another school during the school year.

In between the huts:

Thank you so much!!.

progress 2015 part 2

2.Semester 2015

 A dream comes true!!
We finished the year 2015 with our first fashion show. We prepared the catwalk, the devotional time, music and a little snack. A lot of improvisation but it worked!! We were so impressed.!!

This event was such a success that we will do it every year. We will invite relatives and friends and would like to invite the pupils from the national schools as well.We uploaded some videos on our facebook page:  Enjoy!!!

Every woman showed some of her creations. Afterwards they received their diploma. Some have worked really hard -but the most important thing: they endured. What a creativ potential lies within them. We are excited and proud of them!!

One maintitle of the catwalk music was: „Creelo“(Believe it!) from Sheila Romero. (

The schools:
All schools had an exposition. The Photo below shows the Colegio San Enrique, in which we a very moving mini -fashion show. Have a look at our facebook page:

We chose the song "Speak Life" (from Toby Mac) 

the television came and showed what the students in the Colegio Palmar did learn.

The Aché Indios

We were invited to participate in the festivities of the 39th founding party of the Ache tribe in Puerto Barra.  We have never dreamed to teach Indios. Thank you God!
We heard one phrase several times: God forgives you every sin, but the time is merciless! the leaders wanted to express that they have to press forward or they will have to face the same fate as so many other tribes in Paraguay - as begglars besides the roads and parks.
The seamstresses and leaders of the Aché in Puerto Barra.

And we are glad that our input moves other persons and organisations: the wive of the district governor of Alto Parana donated a new overlock machine.

A big thank you to our supporters: The company Stratic donated suitcases, the company gütermann donated fabrics.  A lot of families gave us their used sewing machine. Our friends in the blackforest town of Ebersweier were amazing. Our friend Christa Kaltenbrunn organized fundraiser parties. .Our friend Georg Scheifler did repair the sewing machines. The Nähzentrum Regner in Weißenburg/Bavaria is collecting since the beginning. Thank you so much!!Gracias!

Progress 2015 part1

thanks to the German Abassador of Paraguay the sewing project could profit of the  expertise of Sabine Frank. Sabine Frank  is a Senior Expert and was sent to Paraguay by the German organisation SES (Senior Experten Service). Thanks to all who made this possible.
 Mrs Frank visited with us the Aché tribe and showed the women there how they could produce T-shirts for the pupils. The Achés show the first sample on the first photo above.
Thanks to a fabric donation the women are challenged to sew 50 T-Shirts. 

 Every week Mrs. Sabine Frank was teaching our teachers and showed them new techniques and crafts.
she visited our classes to improve the teaching style and methods. Photo above: our sewing class in Dignity Village in Itaugua.
And she helped in every class as much as she could as seen in Nino Jesus, Limpio.

 Besides she was always looking for new ideas to inspire our fabrication.

The amazing nature in Paraguay was on the program as well. Behind: the Iguazu Falls. We visited them after our workshop in the Aché tribe.