to all, who make this project possible,
to all, who carry me and the women in prayer,
to all, who support me financially,
to all, who give me the possibility to stand in the service, God has
called me to. That's a privilege: "There is no better place on earth then in the center of God's will."

When I came to Paraguay with my family in 2006, I could have never imagined to be a blessing for so many families in Paraguay - not even in my boldest dreams. To God be the glory!
Sylvia Hill


Nolverta: I visited the sewing class in 2009 and I'm sewing in my house. I had the possiblity to help a neighbour, a seamstress, with the work of 80 jackets and 70 blouses. With her I could worked with an industrial sewing and overlock- machine. Sometimes I'm selling things I 've made. I'm hoping to start my own little business one day.

Cornelia: Both my mother and my sister are seamstresses and for my part it was always as we were speaking different languages. But now I can explain them  how I sew a patchwork cover. Now we understand one another and we are speaking the same language. I'm dreaming of my own business in the back of my house.

Alba Jara: When I started with the sewing class in 2009, I was sitting in front of the sewing machine and said:" O.k., Lord, here I am. I will be obedient and learn this. I knew absolutely nothing about sewing, It was diffucult for me to thread. This year(2010 ) I visited the advanced class and a few weeks ago I started to help another  women from the sewing class, who already had her litttle workshop. We sewed jackets, T-shirts and trousers.I learnt to use the industrial machines. I could earn some money. Recently the sewing class teacher told me: " Now you can sew almost like a professional."
"This year with all the devotional times before the sewing class was a big blessing for me. It changed my life, it changed my life. I have more peace, more joy..."
" I remember the day when the seed was sown, this small beginning with 2 sewing machines. " The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy. ...Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy. He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, willreturn with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him." Psalm 126. 3,5,6)
I want to thank for the comittment of those persons who have started this sewing project."


Blanca: This sewing class was a blessing for me. I learnt a lot of things which couldn't be taught to me in a three year course back then.

Norma: The class was a big help because we learnt to sew many different items. And this course helped us to increase our living standart and our self-esteem. The class was a possibilty to share our faith with persons,who don't know God.