to all, who make this project possible,
to all, who carry me and the women in prayer,
to all, who support me financially,
to all, who give me the possibility to stand in the service, God has
called me to. That's a privilege: "There is no better place on earth then in the center of God's will."

When I came to Paraguay with my family in 2006, I could have never imagined to be a blessing for so many families in Paraguay - not even in my boldest dreams. To God be the glory!
Sylvia Hill

women helping women - our sponsorship program

women helping women – the sponsorship- program of the sewing program in Limpio Paraguay
A friend from the other end of the earth is helping- perhaps this means you, dear reader. And  who knows perhaps you are an interested sewer for yourself, as well and so you can encourourage others to start sewing. But anyway  - thanks for your interest!
Yes, the women in Paraguay need your help - a kind of a first push and we want to push. 
Your support over 4 months or perhaps for a whole year can open so many new horizonts for a participant. This depends from the talent and the personal initiative of each woman as well. But the followint photos shall show you what is possible and we would like to see more stories like this. Help us to help others. There is a blessing in the giving. 

Alba, (above) a mother of three, could be trained through the sponsorship program to become a very good teacher. Now she is leading on her own new beginner classes and is a very accurate sewer.
She is very thankful for the help she has received . She became a column in our project. 

Lourdes, (above on the right standing)  mother of 4 kids, came with some sewing background to our classes. Now she is capable as well to teach others. She is assisting me with the advanced groups.Thanks to sponsors from the US she could participate in the advanced class and for one year as a assistent teacher. That was wonderful. We could  pay her a little salary. She learnt so much. Lourdes knows about the needs of the Paraguayan women and girls and is a very good counseller.
For a lot of women these courses simply are a time to relax. We mentioned it again and again. There are not so many possibilities for these women to relax. A woman of the sponosrship program 2012 told us:" the classes were like a family for me." 

Many of our participants sew blankets, repair clothes and sew new clothes. And almost all of them continue to sew items for the family and for themselves. A former young woman is working in a litlle factory in Limpio. And in a lot of cases the daughters are sewing! They just take advantage of the sewing machine in the household. Couldn't this be your story? 

How would you like to help?
1.       5- month basic-course: 40,- Dollars /month (200,- Dollars per course)
Every year we teach 32 women  for 4 months 3 times a week for 3 hours daily .We try to visist our participants individually  in their houses. We will send you photos and a report about your "sponsored woman" . You will get translated letters  from the lady and her familiy. And please come and visit the family. Paraguay is such a beautiful country.
The women will learnr the following basics during this course:
-           how to use the sewing machine and its different functions
-          how to sew simple children's clothes
-          how to copy patterns and  how to cut to the fabric  
-          easy patchwork techniques
-          how to sew basic patterns : a blouse, skirt, trouser with  wistband and zipper
-          how to prepare a basic pattern with the personal measurements
2.        5-months advanced course: 15,- Dollars/ month (75,-Dollars per course)
Through this course the women get the possiblility to deepen their new skills.
We teach 1x per week 3 hours
They learn:
-          to work with simple patterns but with jersey material 
-     to work  with a  overlock-sewing machine
      -     how to use the industrial machines
      -     pattern constraction and to change basic patterns.
      -     more complicated tecniques and bag-patterns
      -     in general: to sew more difficult clothes
      -     to calculate a sewing product

8    3.    10-month combination program: basic and advanced level: ( in total: 275,- Dollars per year)
            a very proven program. We can recommend it! The lady receives intensive training and gets a good                                            solid foundation .
      4.    1-year teacher training course:  36,- Dollars/ month (360,- Dollars per 10 months)
We train future teachers! That's great! We like it! In this course your "woman" assists a teacher in one or two classes and will receive a little salary as well. Training on the job! Experience shows that the women will learn so much if they have to instruct others. We teach our teachers the new subjects and each teachers gets her own manual and personal assistance.

5. schoolgirl sponsorship:(new) 40,- Dollars/month (480,- Dollars per year)
You will change the life of a Paraguayan girl. The girls don't have so much possibilities in general. With this program, you give a girl the possibility to go to school and to learn to sew. She will receive a healthy meal and can pay all the expenses for her school like uniform, books, school supplies. She will paticipate in a basic and an advanced course. If she is very talented, we will send her to a school with emphasis on sewing.

6.   sewing machine sponsorship:
With 175,- Dollars we can buy  a simple sewing machine for a lady. With 350,- dollars we can buy her an excellent brother sewing machine. But  this is a big help and and big change in the life of a whole family.

Thank you so much in the name of the ladies and their families.

You have more questions: please contact us:
skype: norbertsylviahill
Telephon: 00595-21-781686

May God bless you and your family!

Sylvia Hill