to all, who make this project possible,
to all, who carry me and the women in prayer,
to all, who support me financially,
to all, who give me the possibility to stand in the service, God has
called me to. That's a privilege: "There is no better place on earth then in the center of God's will."

When I came to Paraguay with my family in 2006, I could have never imagined to be a blessing for so many families in Paraguay - not even in my boldest dreams. To God be the glory!
Sylvia Hill

Friday, September 26, 2014

Progress 2014

Our sewing group in the Aché tribe could sew over 50 warm jackets for the pupils. We are very proud of them. They did a great job and showed a lot of endurance. Friends from Germany donated the fabric and this is so wonderful.

during the production

Sylvia talking to Mirian, our main teacher there. Mirian is such a big help in this community.

these two young women are our big hope for the sewing center within the tribe: Gladys and Valentina.

„Please, don’t forget us!“ these were the last words of a woman of Maracana, as she said goodbye to our teacher Lourdes. This was 3 weeks ago and we still have to think about her words. We  reach the women. They are thankful that our teachers are coming to show them new things. We were invited to start new  sewing classes in other comunities in this region as well. The area was well known to be a  dangerous one. 
We can make a big difference with our effort and donations. Thank you so much!

Estella, she is the leader of this group in Maracana. And she did a very good work!

Didn't these participants of our group in Limpio create nice clothes?

And we started a new sewing class in Itaugua. Thanks to PPP USA. Every Saturday and Thursday we teach a very interested group.

We are teaching over 70 school students in Limio and Lambare. We started this as a new program this year to help the schools with a practical teaching.

Next time some more information about this school project!